The Institute’s work focuses on three strategic perspectives organized around key issue areas and regional focus. Each focus has a broad range of short- and long-term projects which explore a spectrum of peace and justice issues. In doing so, they illuminate the roles of governments, diplomacy, international organizations, business and civil society in a rapidly changing and complex world.

Conflict Prevention

The overarching goal of the Conflict Prevention Program is to improve the theory, policy and practice of conflict prevention by producing knowledge that shapes…

Rule of Law

The Rule of Law Program fosters accountability and trust in societies in transition by supporting effective formal and informal justice institutions. The overarching goal…

Global Governance

The Global Governance perspective seeks to examine gaps in the international system for managing complex issues and to engage stakeholders on practical steps for collective…

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The Hague Institute uses its convening power to encourage high profile discussions on important topics and conversations. Upcoming and recent events include:

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Intersections Magazine

A biannual magazine, Intersections highlights news and projects from The Hague Institute and features expert analysis on topics related to peace, security and justice.

Intersections: Fifth Anniversary Edition

Established in 2011, the Institute has evolved rapidly into a dynamic think- and do-tank that is making a tangible difference in the pursuit of global peace, security…

Intersections Magazine

The challenge of handling the influx of migrants and refugees into Europe requires a far more robust global response. Intersections, the bi-annual magazine from…

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Capacity Building & Training

The Hague Institute for Global Justice provides training and capacity building, and convenes actors from different cultural, national and professional areas. The training modules conducted by the Institute draw on the expertise and ongoing research projects. They aim to stimulate cross-pollination between empirical research and emerging trends in justice sector development and reform.

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