The Hague Institute for Global Justice is an independent, nonpartisan institution established to undertake innovative interdisciplinary policy-relevant research, policy development and professional skills training on issues of peace, security and justice.

How We Work

Informing Policy
The Hague Institute seeks to improve the evidence-base of policies implemented by governments, international organizations and businesses. This mission is advanced through publications – including Working Papers, Policy Briefs and regular commentaries on critical issues – and direct briefings to policymakers, on issues such as peace operations and strengthening the rule of law.

Convening Power
We believe that sharing knowledge is the first step to improving practice. The Institute convenes a range of on- and off-the-record policy events, including through The Hague Roundtable Series, a Distinguished Speaker Series and expert conferences aimed at policy impact. Conferences on the 20th anniversaries of the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia seek, for example, to learn lessons to prevent future such tragedies.

Training Practitioners and Future Leaders
The findings of the Institute’s research inform policy recommendations and the trainings we provide to practitioners, especially those based in our focus regions, including Sub-Saharan Africa, South-East Europe and the Middle East. Trainings to date have focused on transitional justice, climate change and institutional capacity building.