Despite widespread agreement on these topics, there remains much to be done to theoretically advance R2P and implement it. Creating the political will and incentives for actors to devote resources to prevention, reaction, and rebuilding, is an ongoing challenge.

This project aims to contribute to a more effective and just implementation of R2P by advancing normative debates addressing various areas of research including the U.S. atrocity prevention policy, moral principles of conflict prevention, assigning responsibilities and accountability, causes of mass atrocities, as well as national and international implementation of the norm. We will produce original, and policy relevant research, convene policymakers and stakeholders in order to advance the implementation of R2P, and disseminate our ideas to the broader public.

Recent Work

The program on the responsibility to protect has made a number of contributions.


Project Outputs

Mass Atrocity Prevention Toolkit

The NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development announced that The Hague Institute will receive funding for the a new project within the research program Security…

Press Release

The ICC and the Prevention of Atrocities

One of the founding principles of the International Criminal Court (ICC) is the prevention of mass atrocities by punishing those most responsible for them.…

The Last of Last Resort

In the Institute's first working paper, the author, Dr. Eamon Aloyo, argues that last resort should be dropped from the just war tradition because…