Brigadier-General (Retired) A. (Antoine) J. A. Beukering is a Dutch politician who previously served with the Royal Netherlands Army, where his highest rank was that of Brigadier General.​

As a soldier he served in the army for 39 years and participated in several peace missions, earning 11 medals throughout his distinguished military career. Beukering worked as military advisor to the minister of development cooperation in the field of SSD and DDR. His experience in this domain, Ivory Coast, Burundi and the DRC etc. is closely connected with the Rule of Law. His last assignment in the ministry of defence was Assistant Chief of Staff International Cooperation. 

After the completion of his service in the military, Beukering became a senator for Forum voor Democratie. Today, as Senator, he is both member of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO and the OSCE and deputy chairman of the commission for Kingdom relations. He is father of two sons (1996 and 1998).