Zita Christoffersen

Former Fellow, Summer 2015

Zita Bo Christoffersen joined the Hague Institute as a Summer Fellow in June 2015. She obtained a bachelor degree in Global Studies and Cultural Encounters from Roskilde University in Denmark and is currently enrolled in the Global Studies master´s program. During her studies, Zita specialized in the fields of security studies, conflict regulation and international organizations. She wrote her bachelor thesis on the responsibility to protect (R2P) and the possibilities for humanitarian interventions.

While completing an internship with The Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect in New York, Zita deepened her knowledge of R2P and the prevention of mass atrocities. She contributed to the research and advocacy work done by the Global Centre, and developed expertise on the conflict in Yemen.

Her field of expertise includes R2P, the African Union, Conflict in Africa and the Middle East and Mass Atrocity Prevention.

Besides her native Danish, Zita is fluent in English and has intermediate knowledge of German and Spanish.

Recent Work