Ting Zhang


Ting Zhang is an expert on sustainable development and climate change, focusing on climate adaptation in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), climate change related conflicts and water diplomacy.

More specifically, Ting is coordinating a project that facilitates local-level climate adaptation planning and disaster risk reduction in Zanzibar, which has been suffering from climate change effects detrimental to its economy and human development. The project aims to develop local climate action plans that will also be mainstreamed into national planning.

In the area of water, Ting and a team of experts are identifying key factors influencing effective water cooperation between local communities and nation states sharing access to a common water source. Ting has also substantively contributed to a project on water conflicts in Yemen, which seeks to better understand the political economy of Yemeni water management as a precondition for effective conflict prevention and resolution.

Ting holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management from Utrecht University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geography and International Development from the University of East Anglia. Prior to working at The Hague Institute, Ting was involved in internships at the Energy research Center for the Netherlands and the Sustainable Trade Initiative, as well as volunteer work for environmental NGOs in China.

Ting’s key publications include a working paper on using a conflict-sensitive approach to mitigate and adapt to climate change in the Asia-Pacific, several policy briefs on climate justice and security for SIDS, delta governance, and natural resources, as well as commentaries that touch upon local and indigenous knowledge, and community participation and business involvement in climate adaptation.


Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Mandarin

Current Projects

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