Steven van Hoogstraten

CEO ad interim

Born in 1949, Mr. Steven van Hoogstraten has made a career in public service. He served formally as the General Director of the Carnegie Foundation (Peace Palace) and the former Treasurer of The Hague Academy of International Law, which attracts hundreds of students to its famous summer courses. Prior to being appointed CEO ad interim at The Hague Institute, Mr. Van Hoogstraten served on the Institute’s Supervisory Board.

Mr. Van Hoogstraten has always been a practitioner with a high interest in the political and international environment of his work. He worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a position in Brussels at the Netherlands Permanent Representation to the EU, was head of the European legal desk at the Ministry of Agriculture, was a director of Food Policy and Product Safety at the Ministry of Health, and a Deputy DG at the Ministry of Justice involved in international cooperation. In that last capacity Steven van Hoogstraten was charged inter alia with the justice aspects of Netherlands’ policy on narcotic drugs. Mr. Van Hoogstraten was a Vice chairman of the UN body for food law, the so called Codex Alimentarius, during his 10 year stay at the Ministry of Health.

Since 2002 Steven van Hoogstraten is working in the Peace Palace, as host to the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. His mandate involves all the managerial aspects of the running and extending of a big national monument, and a centre stage involvement in the ambitions of The Hague as the legal capital of the World. In that connection he is a board member of the Hague Academic Coalition, a cooperative framework of academic institutions in The Hague.

Steven van Hoogstraten was married for a long time, and has two children of 30 and 28. Next to his official career, he was the chairman of a national sports board (cricket) for more than a decade.