Serge Bronkhorst

Managing Director, ACCESS Facility

Serge Bronkhorst has a background in international public law and as founder and director of Bronkhorst International Law Services has been active in various environments such as academia, the public and private sector, and civil society. He dedicated his consultancy work to facilitate and coordinate (multiparty) projects related to e.g. corporate social responsibility and conflict management, business and human rights, international trade and sustainability, and dispute settlement in the global financial markets. Serge represented the State of the Netherlands in multilateral negotiations on liability and redress for damage to biological diversity in the context of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety and lectured various courses on public international law and human rights law at the University of Amsterdam and at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Serge Bronkhorst coordinated the process leading to the establishment of ACCESS which culminated in its launch early December 2012.