Paulien Boone

Development Officer

Paulien Boone is The Hague Institute’s Development Officer. In this capacity she is engaged in the Institute’s external relations, partnership development and funding opportunities. In 2014 she was awarded the title of Young Fundraising Talent.

Paulien holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in International Relations and International Organization from the University of Groningen. As part of her studies she spent time abroad in Spain and Zambia and finished an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands. After graduating she returned to the Ministry to work as a Policy Officer within the Sub-Saharan Africa department, focusing on Dutch and EU relationships with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

Before joining The Hague Institute she spent four years working for two different non-governmental organizations in the fields of youth leadership, international cooperation and global citizenship. Here she secured funding for multi-annual and international programs, developed new partnerships, executed communications and outreach strategies, and served as main organizer of a series of international conferences in The Netherlands and in Costa Rica. Former United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Kofi Annan was a keynote speaker at the 2012 European conference which was organized in cooperation with Leiden University. Other events took place at the Peace Palace in The Hague, the city where she has been living since 2007.