Mathijs Veenkant

Research Intern

Mathijs Veenkant started his internship at The Hague Institute for Global Justice on 15 August 2016 as part of his MSc in International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University. He will work at the Institute until 23 December 2016.

Within his interdisciplinary MSc-program his major is in Adaptive Water Management, focusing on adaptation to climate change and agriculture in the global south. As part of his education he has worked on a wide range of land and water issues in Nepal, Spain, Tunisia and other parts of the world. He holds a bachelors degree in hydrology.

He has written his MSc-thesis on land and water conflict resolution in the arid mountain district of Mustang in Nepal. During this research he witnessed first-hand the complexities of community-level conflict resolution practices in contexts of legal pluralism. Through interviews and interactions with a wide range of people, from small-scale farmers to academics, he has gained diverse insights from different perspectives on natural resources, environmental governance, conflict resolution, and climate change.

Recent Work

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