Maral Khajeh

Former Fellow, Summer 2015 (Communications)

Maral Khajeh is an Iranian/Dutch lawyer who graduated from VU University in 2011. She is specialised in Law & Politics of International Security and has done a Minor Middle East at the University of Amsterdam. During and after her studies she has focused on the intersection of International Law and Islam.

In 2011 she founded the Young Professional Research Initiative, a grassroots organization that provided a platform for graduates by combining an academic and a journalistic approach to security. With this organization she participated in conferences in Egypt, Turkey and Palestine, underlining the importance of inclusion of youth organizations from a human security perspective.

From 2012 to 2014 she was a Lecturer at the Department of Transnational Legal Studies at VU University. Here, she taught International Law and European Union Law and worked until 2015 at the education bureau for the Law Faculty.

Maral has worked as a Senior Research Associate for the global pro-bono law firm Public International Law and Policy Group, The Netherlands Office. She is currently studying Arabic and speaks Farsi, English and Dutch fluently. Additionally she has good knowledge of French and German.