Manuella Appiah


Manuella Appiah is an expert on issues of migration, international human rights and corporate social responsibility. Appiah is currently Researcher at The Hague Institute and the managing editor of the International Labor Rights Case Law journal. She is also the co-founder and president of the youth network, Civilized Politics for Enhanced Democracy in Ghana.

Manuella Bridgette Appiah was born in Kumasi, Ghana where she completed her secondary school education before coming to the Netherlands to obtain a bachelor’s degree in ‘International and European Law’ at Tilburg University. In January 2012, she was awarded her Master’s degree in ‘International and European Public Law, with specialization in human rights (both degrees with distinction).

During her studies, she was part of a special group of Top Class students at the Tilburg University, through which she took part in extra-curricular research in diverse national and international law topics. She also worked part-time as a legal advisor for Leenheer BV, giving advice to industries using large quantities of hazardous chemical substances on how to comply with environmental permits issued by regional municipalities in The Netherlands.

Manuella Appiah’s field of expertise includes international human rights law, European competition law and international trade law. Manuella joined The Hague Institute for Global Justice as a researcher in February 2012.


Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Ashanti-Twi

Area of Focus/Interest

Business, Employment & Global Justice

Current Projects

Completed: Global Governance Reform Initiative

The Global Governance Reform Initiative (GGRI), a collaboration between  The Hague Institute for Global Justice, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Observer Research Foundation…


Recent Work