Laura Lancée

Former Development Officer

Laura’s background is in international project management and research policy. In recent years, she worked at the national research council NWO on projects of scientific cooperation with India and China. Her activities included the coordination of the international secretariat for several calls of the European networking initiative New INDIGO.

Prior to that, she was a.i. head of the Meijers Research Institute and Graduate School at Leiden Law School, responsible for research policy, quality assessment and (external) funding. Until 2002, she was project manager at the Center for International Legal Cooperation. Starting out as assistant editor of an Indonesian-Dutch private-law dictionary, she gradually grew into managing international legal projects in countries like Indonesia, China, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania.

Laura holds two degrees from Leiden University, one in Indonesian Language and Culture (1992) and one in Law, specialising in Criminal Law (1996). Her Master’s thesis dealt with the proposed inclusion of the crime of black magic (santet) in the Indonesian (draft) Criminal Code. She went on to translate the full draft Indonesian Criminal Code into Dutch (version 1998).

Recent Work