Dr. Neil Ferguson


Dr. Neil Ferguson is an economist specializing on topics at the interface of economic development, political instability and conflict. He was awarded his PhD from the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics (SGPE) at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, writing his thesis on the political economy of the Northern Irish conflict. He also holds degrees from the SGPE Master’s program from the University of Edinburgh and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Hull.

In 2011, Ferguson joined the German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin, working first on the EUSECON program and later, the WISIND program. In January 2012, he moved to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), where his research included development and analysis of a jobs quality index for Kyrgyzstan. He maintains research interest in development economics; political economy; behavioral game theory; multidimensional indexing; and impact evaluation. He has country experience working on Northern Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico and Kenya.

Current Projects

Completed: Employment for Stability

The project seeks to analyze the interrelated economic outcomes and opportunities in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia and Liberia and how aid interventions may improve both development…


Recent Work