Dr. Malini Laxminarayan

​Senior Researcher

Dr. Malini Laxminarayan is a former Senior Researcher within the Rule of Law Program. After receiving degrees in Sociology (BA) and Criminology (MA), Malini obtained a PhD in Law from the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. Her dissertation focused on the position of victims in the criminal justice system from a comparative perspective, examining in which way a more individualized approach is necessary.

Malini previously worked as a research coordinator at the European Forum for Restorative Justice in Leuven, Belgium. Her role included researching how to increasing accessibility of restorative justice procedures throughout Europe and organizing seminars for restorative justice practitioners and legal professionals. She later worked on the ORA-NWO project, The Impact of Transitional Justice on Democratic Institution Building at Utrecht University. The project examined various transitional justice mechanisms in Japan, Hungary, South Korea and Germany. Malini’s research interests include access to justice, victim rights, procedural justice, violence against women, restorative justice and rule of law.

Malini has published in several international peer-reviewed journals, including Social Justice Research; European Journal for Criminology; Psychology, Crime and Law; Journal for Interpersonal Violence; International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice.

Topical and Regional Expertise: Rule of Law; Criminal Justice; Victim Rights; Restorative Justice; Transitional Justice; Research Methods

Recent Work