​Eric Sánchez Garcia

Former ​Intern, Conflict Prevention Program

Eric Sánchez holds a Master’s degree in Conflict, Security and Development from the University of Sussex (UK). He is interested in the contributing factors of state instability and the socio-economic causes of conflict. During his studies, Eric has focused on the theoretical framework of the security and development nexus, and how it has affected the new aid policy framework since the mid-1990s. On this basis, Eric conducted his MA thesis on the impact that the post-conflict project had in the Ebola response in Sierra Lone, with particular emphasis put on the fast-track political and administrative decentralization of the governance apparatus. Eric also holds a BA in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), where he specialized in political and social issues at the regional level. Professionally, he has worked in the media industry for over two years, completing two internships at the Spanish public broadcast company RTVE and the private company Cadena SER.

Further to this, Eric has conducted fieldwork in the townships of Cape Town (South Africa) working with local communities and primary schools. He has also conducted voluntary work in the West Bank (Palestine) where he reported as a freelance journalist on the military occupation and the impact on Palestinians’ daily lives. More recently, Eric has contributed as a Research Assistant to the consultancy company Itad, where he has worked on two analytical projects commissioned by the World Bank and the European Commission.

Topical and regional expertise: Post conflict reconstruction, State building, State instability, Conflict prevention, Human Rights, New security challenges, West Africa, Middle East