Press Release: The Hague Institute Mourns the Passing of Nelson Mandela

(The Hague) – The Hague Institute for Global Justice mourns the passing of former South African President and Nobel Peace Laureate Nelson Mandela.

“Nelson Mandela was one of the towering prophets of the twentieth century,” said The Hague Institute’s President Abi Williams. “Alongside Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. he enters the pantheon of visionary leaders who transformed their nations – and the world – not by force of arms but by the righteousness of their struggle.”

A champion of peace, justice and equality, Mandela dedicated his life to reconciliation in post-apartheid South Africa. He was considered South Africa’s “founding father of democracy” and his ascension to the presidency in South Africa’s first multiracial elections in 1994 heralded a new chapter in that nation’s history.

The Hague Institute draws great inspiration from Mandela’s leadership and achievements. “The process of transitional justice in South Africa, which Mandela oversaw, is today hailed as a model for countries emerging from conflict,” said Williams. The leadership and staff of the Institute extend their deepest condolences to the family and friends of President Mandela and to the nation of South Africa.

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