Training: The International Criminal Court and Morocco

On 4-5 July, The Hague Institute Senior Researcher, Kjell Anderson, participated in a Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) training in Rabat, Morocco. The two day event focused on raising awareness about the International Criminal Court among regional actors and trained young advocates in the law of the International Criminal Court.

Dr. Anderson gave several lectures over the course of these two days including: “Jurisdiction and Admissibility before the International Criminal Court,” “Complementarity in the Rome Statute and in Practice,” and “The Relationship Between the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Security Council.”

The Hague Institute is committed to delivering quality training programs on the rule of law, transitional justice, and related fields. Recently, the institute delivered training programs on “Peacebuilding and Local Governance” as well as transitional justice training for the Libyan judiciary.

The institute is also seriously engaged with the work of the International Criminal Court as evinced by its participation in the Supranational Criminal Law lecture series, as well as its projects on drafting and implementing a Model Code for the Investigation and Prosecution of International Crimes, and the harmonization of investigations of international crimes.

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