Local Climate Action Plans: Executive Summary

The Hague Institute has published the Local Climate Adaptation Plans for three communities in Zanzibar, as the final report of its project “Governance of Climate Change Adaptation in Small Island Developing States: Pilot Zanzibar.”

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the project’s activities over a period of two years that led to the formulation of the 23 recommended adaptation measures and a road map to their implementation.

Given the participatory nature of this project, valuable input from community, governmental, non-governmental, and private sector stakeholders has been key in shaping the baseline, problem definition, vision and objectives, solutions and their prioritization, as well as the estimated investment costs of the adaptation measures.

As a next step, The Hague Institute is working with relevant local stakeholders in order to secure funding for realizing the implementation of several priority adaptation measures identified in the report.

The report has been prepared in close collaboration with the Department of Environment of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and Deltares. The executive summary of the Local Climate Adaptation Plans is available to download here.

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