Launch of 4-Year Project on Strengthening the Reform Agenda in Ethiopia

The Hague Institute will lead a new 4-year project that aims to help reduce some of the gaps in governance and economic development within the Oromia regional state in Ethiopia. The project, Strengthening the Reform Agenda: Enhancing Economic Opportunities and Inclusive Patterns of Regional Governance, is carried out in partnership with Leiden University and the Oromia regional government, with funding and support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its embassy in Addis Ababa. Comprising joint research programs and roundtable conferences, the project will help the Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organisation (OPDO) and the regional government to develop a systematic, research-led, implementable reform agenda.

Starting on 1st August 2017, the main activities will develop the existing evidence base for policy making, valorize the research findings, and exchange knowledge between researchers and policymakers. The research will focus on three selected thematic areas: 1) economic challenges (notably the creation of youth employment opportunities and the attraction, management and utilization of foreign investment); 2) political governance (e.g., inclusive governance, electoral reform) and 3) a third area to be identified in partnership with the Oromia regional government.

Dr. David Connolly (Head of Research, The Hague Institute) who will lead the project, said: “this new multi-year initiative will build on the institute’s important work in the Horn of Africa and its valued partnerships with Leiden University, in particular, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Over four years, we will work closely with the Oromia regional state to address the pressing needs for reform, build local capacities and exchange knowledge, and apply our expertise in conflict prevention, rule of law, and governance.”

Further details on the project will be made available from August or via the project leader, Dr. David Connolly.

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