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The Hague Institute at ISA New Orleans 2015

Recent developments in the quickly changing situation in Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa show the necessity of International Relations (IR) in understanding and improving global governance. This urgency is echoed by a team of five researchers from The Hague Institute for Global Justice who will speak during the 56th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, one of the biggest academic gatherings on International Relations in the world.

The meeting takes place from 18-21 February in the American city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The title of this year’s gathering is “Global International Relations and Regional Worlds: A New Agenda for International Studies”. The conference will explore the constant interaction between the global and the regional level in forming and implementing policies, conducting studies and steering the course of mutual development.

The New Orleans Convention presents an excellent opportunity for the Institute’s researchers to showcase policy-relevant studies developed at the Institute and harvest feedback, including in support of the forthcoming report from The Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance. It is also a welcomed chance to display what has been achieved in all three programs of The Institute in recent months, along the research lines of transitional justice, freedom of expression online, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), just war theory, constructivism and the UN Peacebuilding Architecture.

At this year’s edition of the Convention, ISA’s President Amitav Acharya will greet more than 5,300 experts who have convened to discuss theory and practice in International Relations. Among them our Rule of Law Senior Researcher, Malini Laxminarayan, who will join a Wednesday morning panel focused on cross-regional lessons in global IR. Her presentation discusses the impact of transitional justice and the historical democratic developments in South Korea, Hungary and Germany.

Dr. Laxminarayan is joined by Global Governance Program Researcher Sash Jayawardane who will deliver a talk on the role of the state in facilitating internet access and protecting the freedom of expression online in the Global South.

On Thursday morning, Global Governance Senior Researcher Dr. Joris Larik will speak as part of a panel on “Constructivism and Global IR”. The full text of his research has already been published in the Institute’s working paper series as “Constitutional ‘World Views’, Global Governance and International Relations Theory”. In it, Dr. Larik addresses the constitutional entrenchment of specific foreign policy preferences from the vantage point of IR theory, in particular their likely appeal for constructivist scholarship.

The Conflict Prevention Program is represented by Dr. Eamon Aloyo who will deliver two papers. Both publications deal with just war theory; the first evaluating the probability of success precepts, and the second exploring which just war theory precepts should be necessary conditions.

Finally, Dr. Richard Ponzio, Head of the Global Governance Program will participate on a panel about the UN’s Peacebuilding Architecture. His Saturday, 21 February presentation will discuss the dynamics that shaped the UN Peacebuilding Commission, Peacebuilding Fund and the related Support Office.

To learn more about The Hague Institute’s participation at the ISA Convention, follow us on Twitter using #TheHagueatISA.

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