The Platform Hosts 4th Annual Conference

On 7 April 2016, the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law brought together a diverse group of over 200 participants, including policymakers, practitioners and researchers, at its 4th Annual Conference. The Hague Institute runs the Secretariat of the Platform in partnership with the Conflict Research Unit of the Clingendael Institute.

The Conference provided a meeting space to address issues affecting rule of law in conflict-affected contexts. Topics discussed included countering violent extremism, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and migration. The Hague Institute was well represented at the event. Dr. David Connolly, Head of the Conflict Prevention program, and researcher Tom Buitelaar shared their insights and were substantively involved in sessions on employment for stability. Dr. Eamon Aloyo in cooperation with Researcher Tessa Alleblas organized a session on the role of non-state actors in mass violence. Together their project ‘Mass Atrocity Prevention Toolkit: The Effectiveness and Ethics of Mass Atrocity Prevention Policies with Case Studies of Syria and Kenya’ was recently awarded a grant from NWO-WOTRO, a grant which is implemented in collaboration with the Platform.

“The discussion led by Charlie Brown of Strategy for Humanity on the ways to prevent and mitigate atrocity prevention of non-state armed groups was useful to consider existing strategies and exploring new means of decreasing the threats of non-state armed groups.”

Dr. Eamon Aloyo, Senior Researcher

With more than 150 experts in attendance, including researchers and policymakers representing more than 32 organizations, the conference featured parallel sessions divided along three conference themes in an open and interactive atmosphere. The knowledge exchange aims to further contribute to the evidence-base of current policies and the effectiveness of collaboration and programming while simultaneously facilitating the generation of new thinking.

The Platform is a network of professionals and communities of practice which seek to address issues in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. Fostering innovative approaches to issues of security and the rule of law is a main goal of the Platform.

The full news item of the conference can be read here.

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