Innovative Projects Presented at the 7th World Water Forum

At the 7th World Water Forum in Daegu, South Korea, The Hague Institute for Global Justice presented itsportfolio on Water Diplomacy, including innovative projects to make water cooperation work.

This year’s edition of the World Water Forum took place between 12 and 17 April 2015 and gathered 45.000 participants and more than 200 international companies and organizations, government sectors, civil society actors and academics working in the field of water. The Hague Institute for Global Justice, an active partner of theWater Diplomacy Consortium participated in the event and took the opportunity to launch the new promotion film on water diplomacy at the Dutch Pavilion in Korea.

During the forum, at an un-official side-event in the Novotel Ambassador, The Hague Institute kick started its latest project, titled “Water Diplomacy: Making Water Cooperation Work”. This project aims to identify and operationalize the key factors that contribute to the transformation of water conflicts to cooperation over water. We actively facilitate stakeholder dialogues and apply participatory and diplomatic interventions in order to build trust amongst all stakeholders and reach a mutually accepted agreement and sustainable implementation. The project is bolstered by an international consortium of leading organizations in the field of water diplomacy, governance and law.

Presentation Patrick at World Water Forum

Finally, in World Water Forum’s thematic session 4.3.1: Understanding and Implementing Water Diplomacy in a complex multi-level governance context, Dr. Patrick Huntjens, Head of Water Diplomacy at The Hague Institute, presented ‘Mediation in the Israeli-Palestinian Water Conflict: From zero-sum to mutual gains at multiple levels’. The lecture was based on his experience as an independent and external third party mediator in several transboundary water projects in Jordan, Palestine Territories and Israel.


Water Diplomacy

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