Inaugural Issue of the Journal of ‘International Labor Rights Case Law’ (ILaRC) available

The Social Justice Expert Center (SJEC), a collaboration between the department of Social Law of Leiden University and The Hague Institute for Global Justice has launched the inaugural issue of a new journal on fundamental labor rights.

The journal of ‘International Labor Rights Case Law’ (ILaRC), which is published by Brill/Nijhoff, brings together a selection of seminal international decisions on fundamental labor rights, drawing on the case law of regional and international courts and other mechanisms, such as the ILO, the European Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights, and the Inter American Court of Human Rights.

The cases discussed in ILaRC concern fundamental labor principles, including the right to organize and bargain collectively, the right to strike, the prohibition on forced labor and child labor, anti-discrimination rules and international rules and regulations concerning health and safety at the workplace. The journal contains detailed annotations from leading labor law experts from around the world.

ILaRC has been developed for judges, lawyers, in-house legal counsel of companies, labor rights advocates and legal specialists active in the field corporate social responsibility. A majority of multinational enterprises are committed to social and environmental standards in their internal Codes of Conduct, in which they promise to respect fundamental labor rights, as stated in various ILO conventions. The legal implications of the interpretation of these conventions and rights are therefore of major importance for them.

The Editorial Board of the journal consists of renowned authorities in international labor law hailing from several regions of the world. It is chaired by Professor Paul van der Heijden of Leiden University. ILaRC is available in both digital and print versions. Subscription to the journal can be obtained using this link.

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