Expert Consultation at the International Studies Association Annual Convention 2015

On 20 February 2015, The Hague Institute for Global Justice and Stimson Center hosted a scholars consultation on the work of the Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance in New Orleans. The consultation brought together 18 high-level academics and practitioners who were attending the 2015 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association. The experts were invited to weigh in on the aspects of the Commission’s research and policy agenda and to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the Commission.

The scholars discussion raised the importance of giving a clear definition to the concept of “just security” and the timely relevance of the focus on justice given current crises in Syria, Ukraine and the strong feelings of alienation in the Arab World. The discussion sparked debate over an incremental approach to solving global governance problems versus an approach targeting large-scale reform, with concerns that a small-scale approach might not resolve the underlying issues of global governance at large while an all-encompassing approach runs the risk of being too abstract. The scholars lauded the intention to take the Commission’s work forward with a monitoring system and implementation strategy which was described as a distinguishing feature of the Commission.

Five researchers from The Hague Institute for Global Justice presented the following papers at the Annual Convention relevant to the current work of the Institute:

  • Contextualizing transitional justice impact: Democratic developments in South Korea, Hungary and Germany (Malini Laxminarayan)
  • First Among Equals? The Role of the State in Facilitating Internet Access & Protecting the Freedom of Expression Online in the Global South (Sash Jayawardane)
  • The constitutional temptation of the constructivist: Entrenched ‘world views’, the international (legal) order and international relations theory (Joris Larik)
  • The Appropriate Scope of Applicability of the Probability of Success Precept in Just War Theory (Eamon Aloyo)
  • Which Just War Theory Precepts Should be Necessary Conditions? (Eamon Aloyo)
  • The dynamics that shaped the PBC, PBF and PBSO in the early years (Richard Ponzio)

A summary of the Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance scholars consultation can be found on the Commission’s website here.

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