Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance hosts Member States and Experts Consultations in New York

On 24 and 25 February 2015, the Commission on Global Security, Justice & Governance hosted consultations in New York with representatives of United Nations Member States and leading experts from non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and the UN system.

Commission Co-Chair Professor Ibrahim Gambari (former Foreign Minister of Nigeria and UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs) and Commissioner Professor José Antonio Ocampo (former Minister of Finance of Colombia and UN Under-secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs) solicited the views of participants on four core themes to be analyzed by the Commission in its forthcoming report, to be presented in advance of the 70th Anniversary UN Summit this September in New York: fragile and conflict-affected states, climate and people, the global e-conomy, and UN institutional reforms. The summary of the Member States Consultation can be accessed here and the Experts Consultation here.

The Member States Consultation (24 February), held at the Nigerian Mission to the United Nations and co-chaired by the Permanent Representatives of Nigeria and Japan (Ambassadors Joy Ogwu and Motohide Yoshikawa), was the first of a two-part dialogue between UN Missions and Commission representatives. The initial exchange, which involved representatives of twenty-four UN Member States, solicited feedback on the Commission’s goals and encouraged dialogue on the major themes that underpin the Commission’s work. The second exchange, planned for 2 April 2015 in New York, will build on ideas drawn from the first consultation and consist of a focused dialogue between United Nations Missions and Commissioners on specific draft reform proposals of the Commission.

The Experts Consultation (25 February), hosted by the International Peace Institute together with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung New York Office, The Hague Institute for Global Justice, and the Stimson Center brought together approximately 35 leading experts from non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and the UN system to discuss reform ideas within the Commission’s four core themes. The consultation was moderated by Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, Vice President of the International Peace Institute and Secretary-General of The Independent Commission on Multilateralism.

Key elements of both consultations included: the close link between effective climate governance and building a sustainable global economy; challenges associated with the operationalization of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) norm agreed to by UN Member States at the 2005 UN World Summit; the urgent need to mitigate the risk of another global financial crisis; and the importance of recognizing the capabilities of both traditional and relatively new, but essential players, in global governance.

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