Robert Atanasovski

Selective Justice in Macedonia is Injustice

Robert Atanasovski

“Selective justice is injustice”, underlined Nikola Dimitrov, Distinguished Fellow at the Hague Institute, in his recent interview for the Voice of America. Dimitrov commented on the decision of the Macedonian President Ivanov to selectively revoke only 22 of the 56 blanket pardons he had granted to politicians, civil servants and business people seemingly implicated in the wire-tapping scandal.

“When the country is confronted with the biggest scandal in its history, including serious allegations of massive corruption, electoral fraud, abuse of public office and political interference in the judiciary, prompting the establishment of the Special Prosecutor Office, Ivanov’s decision has nothing to do with the interests of the citizens. The way out of this institutional, political and moral crisis is not impunity, but respect for the rule of law and full accountability.”

For more on the crisis, see the policy brief “Ending the Crisis in Macedonia: Who Is in the Driver’s Seat?”


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