Climate Change and Conflict

Dr. Abi Williams, President of The Hague Institute, published an article in UNA-UK’s Climate 2020 Report in June. Dr. Williams illustrates the newly recognized links between climate change and domestic and international security agendas. Climate change undermines communities’ economic and food security, contributes to internal displacement and threatens the existence of small island developing states. Dr. Williams argues that in order to counter the threat posed by climate change, understanding of its deleterious effects must be incorporated into international development, conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts.

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“The scale of the threat posed by climate change is a daunting one. It carries with it the risks that conflicts will spread, whether inadvertently or as a result of new rivalries. But it also offers – through painstaking diplomacy – opportunities for new forms of cooperation. In that sense, tackling climate change can also offer a path to peace.”

Dr. Abi Williams, President of The Hague Institute

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