The Security Environment in East Asia

The most fundamental issue in the international relations of East Asia is the shaping of that region’s future security order and what the factors will be that are likely to affect that order. How does Japan view the changing geopolitical landscape of Asia and what kind of role it should play?

On Wednesday, 1 April, Dr. Matake Kamiya, professor of international relations at the National Defense Academy of Japan and a leading security expert in Japan, discussed this theme in-depth.

Dr. Kamiya is a member of the board of directors of the Japan Association for International Security and a member of the board of trustees of the Japan Association of International Relations. He has published extensively on international relations, international security, Japan’s postwar pacifism, U.S.-Japan security relations and nuclear topics, including Japan’s non-nuclear policy.

This event is co-organized by The Hague Institute for Global Justice. For information please contact Ms. Rie Nagasaki, Embassy of Japan in The Hague, (070) 346 9544.


  • Dr. Matake Kamiya
    Professor of international relations, National Defense Academy of Japan
  • Dr. Bryce Wakefield, Discussant
    Leiden Institute for Area Studies, SAS Japan, Leiden University
  • Ambassador Boudewijn van Eenennaam, Introduction
    Ambassador-in-Residence, The Hague Institute for Global Justice


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