Workshop: International Enforcement of Fundamental Labor Rights

The plurality of labor rights instruments is an issue which is frequently at the heart of many scholarly debates. Fundamental labor rights can be chiefly derived from ILO standards. There are however several UN Treaties, multi-lateral agreements, CSR codes and international framework agreements which embody norms pertaining to, for example, the prohibition of forced and child labor, health and safety at work and the elimination of discrimination at the workplace. The existence of these instruments and their different modes of enforcements are accompanied by a variety of implementation challenges for labor law practitioners.

The workshop “International Enforcement of Fundamental Labor Rights” aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the most important international instruments dealing with fundamental labor rights. The enforcement of these instruments and their implication for national labor law practice will also be discussed. The targets of this workshop are labor lawyers, CSR managers and human rights jurists in general.

Speakers & Themes

  • ILO Conventions on Fundamental labor rights and their Enforcement
    Professor Paul van der Heijden (Independent Chair, ILO Committee for Freedom of Association/Chair, Social Justice Expertise Center)
  • Fundamental labor rights in International Framework Agreements (IFA)
    Professor Klara Boonstra (Legal Counsel, FNV Nederland/ Professor of Labor Law, VU University Amsterdam)
  • Fundamental labor rights, CSR and International Trade Agreements
    Ruben Zandvliet (Doctoral Researcher, Leiden University)

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Please note: This workshop will be conducted in Dutch



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