Roundtable – The Hague Dialogue ‘The Right to Food: International Peace and Justice and the Role of Cities’ – Milan, Italy

Where there is war, there is famine. Where there is scarcity, conflict is near. The right to food not only concerns food, but also peace, security and justice. Prevention efforts apply just as much when conflicts are caused by lack of access to food or water.

On 24 September the City of The Hague and The Hague Institute for Global Justice organized The Hague Dialogue ‘The Right to Food: International Peace and Justice and the Role of Cities’.

The aim of this roundtable was to determine whether a concrete agenda can be developed for realizing the Right to Food in the context of international peace and justice, with a special focus on the role of cities.

Experts seeked to achieve this objective through focused presentations and interactive sessions with the audience and centered around three important perspectives: conflict prevention, rule of law, and global governance. To view the final program, please click HERE.

This event is part of the international Dutch Dialogue Series, organized by the Netherlands in the context of the World Expo in Milan. The main objective of the Dutch Dialogue Series is to achieve an open exchange of knowledge and ideas through focused expert presentations and interactive sessions with the audience.

This high-level roundtable included short presentations led by four keynote speakers from various disciplines, including:

  • Ms. Sonja Biserko, Founder and President of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and Member of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Mr. Chris Arsenault, Reporter on global food security and agricultural politics at Thomson Reuters Foundation
  • Dr. Ir. Niels Louwaars, Director, Plantum Netherlands
  • Mr. José Luis Vivero Pol, former Food Security Officer at Food and Agriculture Organization, Researcher at University of Louvain

Each outlined the challenges and potential concrete steps towards strengthening the international Right to Food framework, bearing in mind current and future worldwide needs. Following these presentations, the audience engaged in an interactice roundtable discussion to collectively identify opportunities to strengthen the Right to Food.

The Hague Dialogue is organized by the City of The Hague in partnership with The Hague Institute for Global Justice and takes place in the Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Milan, Italy.


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