Roundtable on the Oslo Principles on Global Climate Change Obligations

On 10 July 2015, The Hague Institute for Global Justice hosted a public event on the Oslo Principles, which set out states’ legal obligations to constrain climate change. Prof. Dr. Jaap Spier and Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge presented the Oslo principles.

The presentation were followed by a roundtable discussion with representatives from government, civil society, private sector and academia.

The Oslo Principles on Global Climate Change Obligations were adopted on March 1, 2015, by a group of experts in international, environmental, tort, and human rights law. The group met over a period of several years to formulate the Principles in response to the threat climate change poses to humankind, other life, and global security and well-being. The Oslo Principles define the scope of states’ legal obligations to protect the environment and outline means of meeting these obligations.

The complete text of the Oslo Principles is available here. The detailed commentary elaborating on them and identifying their underlying sources of law can be found here. Both are posted on the web site of Yale University’s Global Justice Program.


  • Prof. Dr. Jaap Spier
    Advocate-General of the Netherlands Supreme Court and Honorary Professor at the Maastricht University Faculty of Law
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Pogge
    Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs and Director of the Global Justice Program at Yale University


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