Practitioner Workshop: Addressing Conflicts between Historical Responsibility and Future-Oriented Climate Action

Despite international mobilization towards the Paris 2015 agreement, long-term mitigation and sufficient effort to address climate impacts will likely require significantly deeper collective action.  Conflicting views of justice, particularly regarding the role of historical responsibility in shaping country commitments, have consistently challenged climate negotiations and may intensify with increased climate impacts. This workshop looked beyond Paris to explore ways of managing the tension between historical responsibility and future-oriented climate action.

By broadening the climate policy conversation and including peacebuilding and transitional justice experts, this workshop explored which, if any, lessons can be learned from efforts in other policy regimes to facilitate past-oriented justice and historical responsibility, and future-oriented solidarity and collective action.

This Chatham House Rule workshop is part of the project, funded by the KR Foundation: Evaluating peace and reconciliation to address historical responsibility within international climate negotiations.

Expressions of interest in participating in the workshop can be sent to Ms. Manuella Appiah.

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