Panel Discussion on Evidence-Based Fact-Finding

The Hague Institute for Global Justice, the Harvard Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR), and the Government of Switzerland were pleased to invite you to a Panel Discussion on Evidence-Based Fact-Finding.

This public event provided a forum for professional exchange regarding the development of methodologies and approaches for surmounting common challenges that have been encountered in recent fact-finding practice. Practitioners, trainers, and policymakers engaged in investigative efforts in the domain of international criminal law, international humanitarian law, and human rights engaged in an interactive discussion about opportunities for improved fact-finding.

As a point of departure, panelists discussed the recently published HPCR Advanced Practitioner’s Handbook on Commissions of Inquiry, which represents the culmination of a multi-annual initiative undertaken by Harvard University with the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

The panel discussion was preceded by an invitation-only expert roundtable.

This event is part of the Accountability and Civic Trust project, a three-year initiative of The Hague Institute for Global Justice’s Rule of Law program.

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  • Dr. Abiodun Williams, Welcome Remarks
    President, The Hague Institute for Global Justice
  • His Excellency Mr. Urs Breiter, Opening Remarks
    Ambassador of Switzerland to the Netherlands
  • Professor Claude Bruderlein
    Chair, Harvard Group of Professionals on Monitoring, Reporting, and Fact-finding
  • Judge Philippe Kirsch
    Former Chairman, UN Commission of Inquiry on Libya
  • Baron Serge Brammertz
    Prosecutor, International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
  • Dr. Theo Boutruche
    Former Human Rights and IHL Expert and Investigator on the Independent International Fact-finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia
  • Ms. Cynthia Petrigh
    Former Human Rights and IHL Expert on the International Monitoring Team in Mindanao
  • Jill E.B. Coster van Voorhout, Moderator
    Researcher, Rule of Law Program, The Hague Institute for Global Justice


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