Order with Justice: The Challenge for the World

On 13 November, Dr. Abiodun Williams, President of The Hague Institute for Global Justice, delivered the 2014 Marchant Lecture at De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. This event was organized by Mr. Hans van Mierlo Stichting and D66. Dr. Williams spoke on the topic “Order with Justice: The Challenge for the World”.

The promise of a New World Order that would herald a new era of peace following the conclusion of the Cold War has faced many challenges. Indeed, the spectre of conflict appears ever-more present across the world, with international diplomats and political leaders seemingly struggling to exert a constructive influence in crisis zones.

Fueling such developments is the rapid shift in geopolitical power, which begs new questions about the future of global governance and international institutions. The need for order to protect against the chaos of conflict is apparent to many. But this must not be the order promised by history’s autocrats; rather, a just order which recognizes the imperative of human dignity.

Our collective challenge is to build a new order which guards against conflict, but in so doing puts the security of the world’s peoples – and not just the states in which they live – front and center

thumb.php Dr. Abiodun Williams
PresidentThe Hague Institute for Global Justice
thumqb.php Marietje Schaake
Member of the European Parliament,Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (D66)


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