Munich Security Conference – Global Dialogue: Establishing Governance in Fragile States

The international community is confronted with an unparalleled number of asymmetric conflicts and complex security crises. They do not only destabilize states and regions that are directly affected, but in times of global interconnectedness pose a threat to the existing system of global governance and order.

The old system of a conflict resolution developed after the Second World War is unable to cope with these challenges. It is necessary to establish new forms of shared responsibility and new structures of regional and global governance which must reflect the interlinkage between security, justice and Governance.

How must future interventions by the international community in fragile or failed states be designed to ensure sustainable stability? The debate held by the BMW Foundation as a side event of the Munich Security Conference explored how the international community can strengthen the principle of the responsibility to protect and how it can better prevent conflicts and rebuild sustainable governance structures.

The discussion focused on lessons learned from unsuccessful attempts to establish governance structures in former civil war regions and reflects on what can and must be done to rebuild failed states like Libya or Syria. What strategies are needed to promote the rule of law? What are the limits to the concept of shared responsibility? What are the priorities for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals?


Michael Schaefer, Introduction
Chairman of the Board of Directors, BMW Foundation

Jean-Marie Guéhenno
President and CEO,
International Crisis Group

Gebran Bassil
Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Lebanese Republic

Bert Koenders
Minister of Foreign Affairs,
The Netherlands

Jan Eliasson
Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

Abi Williams, Moderator
President, The Hague Institute for Global Justice

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