Launch Online Debate entitled ‘Local’ Conflicts in Transnational Entanglements

Leading up to – and in conjunction with the Expert Event and following Panel Discussion – the Platform launched an online debate on ‘Local’ conflicts in transnational entanglements.

In this debate we intend to address the following question:

  • How external interventions can be made more fit-for-purpose in helping to resolve conflict in the face of transnational influences.

Your views and inputs will be highly valued. They will feed into the aforementioned Expert Event on 1 July and the short research report that will be produced after the event. This will advance concrete suggestions for policymakers. For more information about the debate, please consult the background document.

The online debate is organized jointly with The Broker and will feature on the website of the Platform.

We look forward to continue our discussions online and to integrate your valuable expertise and ideas. To learn more about this event, click here.

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