The Platform’s Third Annual Conference

Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law held its Third Annual Conference on 24 June. On this day the Platform sought to connect the dots between past activities and ongoing investigations. With forward-looking speakers and experts from the field, the conference provided inspiring inputs and explored issues on the intersections of our thematic program.

The morning plenary sessions dealt with the relevance of current security and rule of law policies and interventions in the face of new threats and challenges to peace, security and development. Speakers explored current trends in the changing nature of violent conflict (e.g. the proliferation of non-state actors and nexus of crime, politics and business), the development of the fragile and conflict-affected states agenda, linking this to the future of the development agenda.

The afternoon breakout sessions dealt with the following topics:
Testing assumptions: the private sector contribution to peacebuilding and stability
Avoiding political entanglement, or embedding justice in politics?
Citizens seeking justice and security in fragile contexts
Country case: Burundi, Migration: exploring the potential of the comprehensive approach


  • Dr. Rachel Kleinfeld
    Senior Associate, Democracy and Rule of Law Program of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Mr. Jan de Vries
    Deputy Director, Netherlands Helsinki Committee
  • Dr. Marco Lankhorst
    Senior Research and Learning Officer, International Development Law Organization
  • Ms. Petra Stienen, Moderator
    Author and independent advisor, Diplomat at the Netherlands Embassies in Egypt and Syria 1995-2004


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