Japan-EU Symposium on Cyber Security

Since 2002, Japan and the EU have been jointly organizing Japan-EU symposiums at the EU presidency country to promote coordination between civil societies, cultural exchange and people-to-people exchange.

At this 14th symposium, panelists discussed cyber security, one of the most urgent issues in the international community.

The development of cyber technology promotes economic growth and social development. On the other hand, in cyberspace malicious activities are prevailing such as cyber-attacks, cyber theft or cybercrime committed by terrorists, criminals and state-sponsored actors. Cyberspace is managed and operated by various actors all over the world, both private and public. In order to ensure cyber security, it is necessary to promote international cooperation.

For this symposium, we invited experts who play an active role in today’s cyber business community from both public and private sectors including responsible officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the Netherlands and EEAS to share knowledge and exchange opinions on three main themes; ‘International Cooperation for the Cyber Security’, ‘Measures to protect critical infrastructure’ and ‘Promotion of the management of company with security mind’.

The Dutch Special Envoy for International Cyber Policies, Dr. Uri Rosenthal, provided the introductory remarks, and Mrs. Ida Haisma, Director of The Hague Security Delta Office will moderate the symposium.

This event was co-organized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EEAS and The Hague Institute for Global Justice.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Rie Nagasaki, Embassy of Japan, at (070) 346 9544.

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