Governance and Rule of Law Training: Reconstituting Legitimacy

The Hague Academy for Local Governance and The Hague Institute for Global Justice presented a unique six-week training program on Governance and Rule of Law focused on societies in early transition and fragile and conflict affected areas.

Strategically located in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice, this training offered a unique in-depth multidisciplinary program emphasizing community-based perspectives on peacebuilding and development.

This six-week training program consisted of three two-week blocks led by academics and international experts from various fields of practice, including conflict prevention, rule of law promotion, security sector reform, public service delivery and local economic development.

It provided participants with special opportunities to share their expertise and knowledge, bridge the divide between theory and practice by taking part in innovative exercises based on research studies and practical cases from amongst others DR Congo, Burundi, South Sudan, Afghanistan and Libya, and created sustainable solutions aimed at promoting inclusive and long-term economic, political and social development.

Reconstituting Legitimacy: 7-18 July 2014

  • Post-conflict reconstruction of Governance and Rule of Law
  • Accountability and Participation (inclusive policies, social cohesion, traditional leaders, gender, local governance, press)

Re-establishing Security: 1-12 September 2014

  • Human Security (local security policies, coordination between security actors, community policing)
  • Promoting the Rule of Law (human rights, access to justice, transitional justice)

Rebuilding Effectiveness: 13-24 October 2014 (postponed)

  • Restoring Public Services (intergovernmental structures, PPP, financing mechanisms)
  • Social Economic Development (job creation, youth employment, natural resources, food security, social security and ‘decent’ work)


Institutions and Governance, International Justice, Rule of Law Promoters