Expert Panel Discussion on the Future of Cyber Governance

On 15 May, The Hague Institute concluded a successful three-day conference on the future of cyber governance. The conference, which was part of the Institute’s Global Governance Reform Initiative, brought together renowned academics and practitioners from more than a dozen countries to discuss critical challenges in and policy recommendations for the global governance of cyberspace. An audio recording of the public portion of this conference is available.

Cyber governance is one of the focus areas of the Institute’s Global Governance Reform Initiative (GGRI), an ambitious project which seeks to overcome the challenges of global governance by improving the efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy of collective actions undertaken by relevant stakeholders. How cyberspace is governed has significant implications for a range of critical issues, from national security to the protection of individuals’ rights and freedoms. Yet, the governance of cyberspace is highly contested. Tensions exist between those who favor private sector-led, decentralized forms of governance, and those who favor state-led, centralized forms of governance. There is, therefore, a pressing need for practicable policies which can help balance competing demands effectively.

The GGRI fosters the development of such policies by bringing together a group of cyber governance experts from different sectors and regions to deliberate upon critical governance challenges in this domain and craft actionable policy recommendations.

The Hague Institute undertakes this project in collaboration with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Observer Research Foundation (New Delhi), and the Netherlands Institute of International Relations – Clingendael.

The panel featured a select group of preeminent global scholars and practitioners:


  • Mr. Sunil Abraham
    Executive Director, Center for Internet and Society
  • Professor Laura DeNardis
    Professor and Associate Dean, School of Communication, American University
  • Ms. Rebecca MacKinnon
    Director, Ranking Digital Rights Project, New America Foundation
  • Professor Milton Mueller
    Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies & the Internet Governance Project
  • Professor Nii Narku Quaynor
    Chairman, Ghana Dot Com Ltd. & Internet Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Mr. Paul Rosenzweig
    Founder,Red Branch Consulting, PLLC


  • Dr. Richard Ponzio
    Head of Global Governance Program,The Hague Institute
  • Mr. Samir Saran
    Vice President,Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi



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