On 22 April 2016, the Social Justice Expertise Center (SJEC) hosted its first global conference for inter- and transnational labor law judges and other adjudicators. This first global conference of its kind brought together an international group of members of (quasi-) judicial bodies to discuss the proliferation of fundamental labor rights enforcement systems.

The conference facilitated an advanced knowledge-exchange between the participants. Additionally, it provided an opportunity for dialogue and the sharing of best practices associated with the presence of diverging labor rights enforcement systems.

Themes of the conference include:

  • The Proliferation of Fundamental Labor Rights Enforcement Mechanisms: Contemporary Discourse and
    Institutional Challenges.
  • Understanding Fundamental Labor Rights: Achieving Social Justice through Interpretation.
  • The Right to Strike: A Need to Align the Different Interpretations?
  • Securing an Effective Application of Fundamental Labor Rights through Legal Interpretation.

Conference Chair: Prof. Paul van der Heijden, Independent Chairperson of the ILO Committee for Freedom of Association / Professor of International Labor Law, Leiden University

Confirmed speakers:

  • Prof. Rose-Marie Belle Antoine, former Commissioner of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights / Professor of Labor Law, Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies
  • Prof. Janice Bellace, Samuel A Blank Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics / Professor of Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Judge François Biltgen, Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Prof. Niklas Bruun, Member of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women / Professor of Private Law, University of Helsinki
  • Dr. Claire La Hovary, Lord Kelvins Adam Smith Fellow, University of Glasgow / Former Legal Officer at the International Labor Organization
  • Prof. Brian Langille, Professor of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
  • Prof. Titia Loenen, Professor of Human Rights and Diversity, Leiden Law School, University of Leiden
  • Prof. Monika Schlachter, Vice-President of the European Committee of Social Rights / Professor of Civil Law, Labor and International Law, University of Trier
  • Judge Dean Spielmann, former President of the European Court of Human Rights


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