Challenges and Opportunities of Georgia’s Path towards Europe’s Institutions

In partnership with the Embassy of Georgia, The Hague Institute for Global Justice hosted H.E. David Usupashvili, Chair of the Parliament of Georgia, at a public event on November 18 on the occasion of his official visit to the Netherlands. This visit, from November 17 to 18, followed upon the invitation of his counterpart, the Speaker of the Dutch House of Representatives of the Netherlands, Her Excellency Anouchka van Miltenburg

As Georgia treads the path of European integration, it faces numerous challenges, not least the deteriorating security situation in the wider Eastern European region, which poses significant threats not only to Georgia, but to the entire region and beyond.

After signing the Association Agreement with the European Union in June 2014, Georgia is finding the right balance between moving towards integration with the EU, and implementing wide scale reforms across many spheres and sectors, while having to take into account the tense and volatile developments in the region. In this way, the foreign policy of Georgia has a profound effect on its domestic policy.

This event brought together an expert audience of policy-makers, diplomats, practitioners and academics based in The Hague and the wider region. It was moderated by Dr. Abiodun Williams, President of The Hague Institute for Global Justice.

Questions concerning general lessons learned from previous accessions to the EU, the specific support Georgia would need, and what the transitional pitfalls could be for the country, all were topics on the table for discussions.

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