Business and International Labor Rights Conference

Fundamental labor rights are the freedom to form labor unions, to conduct collective bargaining and collective action, the prohibition of child labor, forced labor and discrimination in the workplace, and the right to a healthy and safe workplace. These rights are enshrined in international treaties and conventions of the UN, the ILO, the EU and other international organizations, and included in the national legislation of many countries. Establishing a right on paper through to its implementation and realization in everyday practice is a long and obstacle-ridden process.

The Business and International Labor Rights conference brought together practitioners in the field of labor law and corporate social responsibility to exchange ideas about relevant developments concerning the enforcement of fundamental labor rights. Using recent (national and international) legal decisions, the event discussed how these cases influence labor rights policy at the all levels.

Additionally, the event also served as an opportunity for the inaugural public presentation of the International Labor Rights Case Law (ILaRC). ILaRC brings together a selection of seminal international decisions on labor law, drawing on the case law of regional and international mechanisms, such as the ILO Committees, the European Court of Human Rights, the Inter American Court of Human Rights, and offers comments from leading international labor law experts from around the world. Conference participants received hardcopies of the first two ILaRC issues.


  • Mr. Arnold Keizer
    Senior Associate, Allen & Overy LLP
    Theme: Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: Contemporary Developments concerning the right to strike
  • Ms. Miriam Neale
    Head of Brand Outreach, Bangladesh Accord
    Theme: Health & Safety at the Work Place: the dispute settlement mechanism within the Bangladesh Accord
  • Professor Adelle Blackett
    Associate Professor, McGill University
    Theme: Elimination of Discrimination at the Workplace
  • Mr. Roel Nieuwenkamp
    Chairperson, OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conducts
    Theme: CSR and OECD National Contact Points procedure
  • Prof. dr. Paul van der Heijden, Moderator
    Chairperson, ILO Committee on Freedom of Association/President Emeritus Leiden University


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