2014 ACUNS/ASIL Summer Workshop

The ACUNS-ASIL Summer Workshop is an annual program intended to bring together emerging scholars and practitioners who are at a relatively early stage in their careers. The Hague Institute hosted the 2014 ACUNS-ASIL Summer Workshop which focused on “Local Justice, Global Standards and Critical Contemporary Challenges.” The workshop ran from 11-19 July 2014.

The relationships between justice, reconciliation and sustainable post-conflict peacebuilding for states, societies, groups and individuals that have suffered (and are suffering) from violent conflict, and are seeking pathways forward from that violence, are not always or necessarily clear, consistent or even compatible. Likewise, the relationships between international, national and local interests and priorities regarding justice, reconciliation and peace cannot be assumed to be simple, or straightforward.

There can be deep divisions and disagreements over definitions, assumptions, goals, methods, instruments, timing, and responsibilities. These also may vary across localities, loyalties, and time. All of these complexities facing well-intentioned actors may be sharpened still further when faced by ‘spoilers’ who seek to prevent or derail their efforts for other reasons.

The Hague Institute for Global Justice provided an ideal host location within which the 2014 ACUNS-ASIL Summer Workshop participants and guest speakers exchanged their ideas and experiences on these critical challenges confronting post-conflict actors. Experts from The Hague Institute will present on aspects of their work during the workshop.

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