The six principles – 1) Conflict Prevention; 2) Fostering a Rule of Law Culture; 3) A Network Response; 4) The Role of the Private Sector; 5) Strategic Communication; and 6) Responsibility to Learn – emphasize how best to engage relevant and local actors in networks; leverage new technologies for peacebuilding; and promote a process of continual learning through monitoring and evaluation.

The Hague Approach is a set of principles for achieving sustainable peace in post-conflict situations. While each post-conflict situation is unique and requires a tailored response, we have identified general principles that can improve the effectiveness of current peacebuilding efforts.”

The Hague Approach Embodies The Hague Institute

Using The Hague Approach to inform its work in peacebuilding, The Hague Institute for Global Justice has continued to conduct interdisciplinary policy-relevant research, develop practitioner tools, and convene experts and policymakers to facilitate knowledge sharing. We view contemporary global challenges through three analytical perspectives – conflict prevention, rule of law and global governance. Through this work the Institute aims to further strengthen the global framework for preventing and resolving conflict and promote international peace.


Our Team

Leadership and Staff

The Hague Institute employs talented experts from diverse geographical and disciplinary backgrounds, who are committed to developing innovative approaches to contemporary peace and justice challenges.

Advisory Council

Serving as a strategic sounding board for the president of the Institute, the Advisory Council consists of authorities and professionals from the world of international relations, law and diplomacy.

Supervisory Board

Major management decisions and Institute strategy are discussed with, and approved by, the Supervisory Board. Acting in the interests of The Hague Institute and its constituents, the Supervisory Board is also responsible for monitoring the executive team, as well as for helping formulate the the direction and strategy of The Hague Institute.