Dr. Johanna Ospina

Junior Consultant

Johanna is a former Junior Consultant with the Institute. She holds a PhD (Cum laude) in Advanced Studies on Human Rights from Carlos III University of Madrid. The topic of her doctoral thesis was peace education in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Johanna completed her Master degree on Human Rights from the same university and her postgraduate studies were carried out thanks to a scholarship provided by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

Her previous work experience includes working as an advisor for the program of Human Rights and Disabilities at the Vice-presidency of the Republic of Colombia. Johanna has also worked for several international organisations including UNESCO Cataluña, UNOY Peacebuilders and the International Network of Museums for Peace (INMP). In these organisations she carried out projects on education and democracy, youth participation, peacebuilding and peace history. Johanna has co-authored publications on a wide range of topics including peace dialogues in Colombia, peace education, culture of peace and the right to education in the Gaza Strip.

As a junior consultant Johanna supported projects carried out by the Conflict Prevention Program, including Education and Peacebuilding and Peace-Justice Nexus.

Recent Work

Education as Freedom

The following commentary is adapted from an editorial in the May edition of the Education Brief – a monthly update on The Hague Institute’s…