​Dr. Eamon Aloyo

​Senior Researcher

Dr. Eamon Aloyo is a political scientist with deep knowledge of topics linked to conflict prevention, the responsibility to protect, humanitarian intervention, and global justice.

Dr. Aloyo is a political scientist working on policy relevant topics at the intersection of political theory and international relations. His interests include the responsibility to protect (R2P), just war theory, global justice, and related issues. He has published in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Ethics and International Affairs, Global Constitutionalism, Global Society, and International Theory.

In December 2011, Dr. Aloyo received a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he was awarded one of its highest honors, the Thomas Jefferson Award. He is the sole P. I. on a 2016 Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) grant on mass atrocity prevention in collaboration with partners. Northwestern University and George Washington University have provided him scholarships. He is additionally a senior analyst in the global justice section at the Global Governance Institute, a senior fellow at the Canadian Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, and serves as a board member for International Peace Initiatives, an NGO based in Kenya. For further information and to view his publications, visit: http://www.eamonaloyo.com.

Expertise: Responsibility to Protect; Just War Theory; Global Justice


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The Last of Last Resort

In the Institute's first working paper, the author, Dr. Eamon Aloyo, argues that last resort should be dropped from the just war tradition because…