​Bart Weijs

Former ​Project Officer

Bart Weijs is a former Project Officer with the Knowledge Platform Security and Rule of Law project at The Hague Institute. His work focused on the substantive support of the Platform’s activities. He has a broad interest in issues of resilience, local governance, fragility and the impact of aid interventions. He enjoys the search for meaningful application and uptake of knowledge, bringing on board a variety of stakeholders.

Prior to joining the Institute, Bart worked at Wageningen University where he coordinated the research project ‘IS Academy Human Security in Fragile States’, and was member of the team evaluating the impact of the Dutch MFS2 subsidies on civil society development in DRC and Liberia. He also did a broad literature study on livelihoods, basic services and social protection in DRC.

Bart completed his MSc in International Development Studies at Wageningen University in 2011, with a focus on conflict and disaster. During his studies, Bart conducted research on municipal cooperation in post-conflict areas and fragile states at IKV Pax Christi, and worked as a research assistant for the Netherlands-US Water Crisis Research Network where he focused on citizens and flood risk in the Netherlands.

Together with Dr. Gemma van der Haar and Professor Dorothea Hilhorst of Wageningen University, Bart is editing a book on socioeconomic recovery in fragile settings.