The Hague Institute Launches New Website

THE HAGUE – Sharing knowledge is integral to our mission at the Institute. Therefore, we have re-designed our website to better engage our audience and provide greater insight into our work.

Through interdisciplinary research, trainings and the convening of experts, The Hague Institute for Global Justice aims to provide policymakers with evidence-based solutions to a range of contemporary global challenges at the intersection of peace, security and justice.

The new website, optimized for mobile devices, allows you to explore and understand our work through four lenses:

  1. Ideas and Solutions for Policymakers
    Providing policymakers with recommendations based on sound research is a key component of our work. The resources most relevant to policymakers can be found in this new section. In addition to online and print materials, we also provide a direct link to Hague Institute experts for advice on Conflict Prevention, the Rule of Law and Global Governance.
  2. Latest Insights
    This section showcases the Institute’s latest work, including expert analyses of current affairs and information about our recent events.
  3. Thinking and Doing
    The work of the Institute is organized into three programs:  Conflict Prevention, Rule of Law and Global Governance. This section introduces each program and provides an in-depth look at our research, trainings and events.  Intersections, our bi-annual magazine, is also featured in this section. Each issue provides a thematic overview of our recent work and includes contributions from eminent scholars and practitioners with whom we collaborate.
  4. The Hague Approach
    The title of a 2013 flagship project on six principles for achieving sustainable peace in post-conflict situations now encapsulates the philosophy of The Hague Institute. Located in the city that has been a symbol of peace and justice for over a century, The Hague Institute is committed to advancing the global justice agenda by promoting innovative and equitable solutions to complex contemporary challenges at the nexus of peace, security and justice.

“The Hague Institute will continue to bring together ‘thinkers’ and ‘doers’ with the aim of ensuring the best ideas find their way into the policy process.”

Dr. Abiodun Williams, President

We encourage you to explore our new website. If you experience problems or have general questions about the new website, please email


The Hague Institute for Global Justice is an independent, nonpartisan organization established to conduct interdisciplinary policy-relevant research, develop practitioner tools, and convene experts, practitioners and policymakers to facilitate knowledge sharing. Through this work the Institute aims to contribute to, and further strengthen, the global framework for preventing and resolving conflict and promoting international peace.  

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